Brian Inkster is the author of ‘A Practical Guide to Crofting Law‘ published in 2019 by Law Brief Publishing.

This book is an introduction to crofting law for those with an interest in it or who may touch upon it. Whether that is lawyers, law students, land agents, crofters, landlords, Members of the Scottish Parliament or anyone else with an interest in crofting law.

The book covers the main issues briefly and concisely, aiming to highlight the complexity of crofting law and the pitfalls and traps that await the uninitiated. The aim is that readers will, as a result, be better versed in the basics of crofting law.


Lawyers will hate this book – it takes a complex subject and makes it understandable to the layman. The level of detail is sufficient for understanding without getting bogged down in jargon.

Russell Smith, Crofter and former Chair, Scottish Crofting Federation

This is a book that has been awaited since crofting law was formed, a book that lays out what the, notoriously difficult to navigate, “sea of legislation” is about. The ambition of writing a practical guide to crofting law has been achieved by Scotland’s leading practising crofting lawyer.


As well as providing a service to clients and advice to government and other organisations, Brian Inkster delivers a session on crofting law on the Scottish Crofting Federation’s training programme. Feedback from students credits him with opening their eyes to how fascinating crofting law actually is.


Brian is a natural storyteller (it comes in the Shetland genes perhaps) and he has written this book as a travel writer would introduce us to exotic parts – setting the scene with the history and background, the introduction of the inhabitants and roles they play; the unique culture of crofting and the many unsuspected twists. It gives all the essential information needed to sail that “sea of legislation” and to safely visit the many crofting islands therein. It will be the essential reading for crofting students and for all who want to navigate crofting law.

Patrick Krause, Chief Executive, Scottish Crofting Federation

An invaluable practical guide to demystify crofting law and to help crofters, potential crofters and crofting communities understand their rights and obligations as crofters and members of those communities – highly recommended.

Sir Crispin Agnew of Lochnaw Bt QC, Chairman, Crofting Law Group and Author of ‘Crofting Law’ (2000)

This is a really useful resource and certainly the most readable book on crofting law in existence.

Siobhan Macdonald, Senior Agricultural Consultant, SRUC

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